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Hi, welcome to the U14 & U15 session planner. You are currently in the DEMO view which allows coaches the chance to navigate through the features of the webpage before purchasing a membership.

Below is an interactive pie graph which represents the curriculum and time distribution for each training phase of the practice session. In each training phase there are a number of drills and practices that coaches can VIEW and ADD to the session planner.

The Session Planner can be SAVED and PRINTED as this can serve as a great reminder of the drills and exercises that you have chosen for you team for their next practice session. Alternative coaches can chose one of the suggested weekly training plans from the Yearly Training Planner, which has been designed by leading youth coaches. Enjoy your coaching.

The duration of the session is to be 90 minutes. High dynamic coaching sessions that incorporate intermittent exercise simulation (Specific Game Related Responses) that implements technical skills under full pressure activities with a learning outcome to identify and understand individual tactical actions.

WUp / Ball Con
      WUp / Ball Con    10 mins
      Total time    90 mins
WUp / Ball Con

1 /2 Roll

2 balls 2 Touch Passing

Ball Tag 11 / 12

Ball Tag Variation

Ball Wrestling

Double Cutting

Drag Back

Drag Spin

Drag Twist


Netball Soccer

One Arm Wrestling

Running Techniques

Shinpad Tag

Single Cutting

Slap Over

Team Tag

Touch Scissor Combo

V Pull Push

Coaching or more importantly teaching is both an art and a science. These video files detail the principles that are essential to player development.

1 v 1 Games

1 v 1 games are a great way to encourage creativity using change of directions, fake and feints and stop starts

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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

A yearly training periodised plan specifically designed by leading youth coaches to ensure players continue to improve and are challenged in every training practice. The 20 weeks program below, details a progressive step by step approach based on age appropriate curriculum.

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20

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